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If The Match Maven hadn't encouraged me to go online, I never would have met my husband! She was right on. My husband, daughter, and I are so very thankful!
~ Erin

Working with Briana, The Match Maven, was a positive experience from the start! Her outgoing and personable nature made her seem like an instant friend, so trusting her with such a valuable task couldn't have been more comforting.  She offered a fresh perspective on creating a profile that was simple, honest, and truly spoke to who I am and what I want in a partner.  Maneuvering through a dating site can be intimidating and overwhelming, so having Match Maven as my personal cheerleader took off so much pressure!  And her continuous guidance throughout the matching process allowed me to focus on the real potentials and get farther than the first date.
~ Robin

Every time I thought about online dating I would get overwhelmed by the thought of filling out the questionnaire. A very close friend of mine recommended Briana to me. I hesitated for about one second, someone was going to sit with me, listen to me and write my profile. Can I date this person? I always felt that I didn't come across as myself and the proof was the guys that were asking me out. Briana not only makes this experience fun she made me come across as me in 500 letters or less….. I sat and talked about myself, she asked me a lot of questions and within an hour or so I was dating. Brilliant for someone who was scared and had done this before with nothing to show for it but a few dating war wounds.. Get to The Match Maven now if you have unsuccessfully online dated and still believe in love.
~ JoAnna

"Briana is the best. In her capable hands my dating profile went from a B to an A- (As the A+'s are reserved for people who are better looking than me). She totally overhauled my About Me statement and made it significantly more girl-friendly. She also selected a few new photos and nixed a few that were already posted. Ultimately, I get higher quality dates because of her.  Now all I need is someone to stop me from acting like an a**hole on the dates…"*
~ Jason
* - Briana is also available to help you not act a**hole (on dates)

"I was talking with Briana today, and said 'I don't know why I'm so nervous this time.' ( as I've tried several online dating sites in the past) to which she replied. ' Because you know there's hope. Getting what you want can be scary.' Briana really takes her time with you and helps turn your thoughts & feelings, into honest, believable statements for your profile. She reminds you to hold onto your hope, and eases the fears that come with Online dating, so that you're comfortable & able to just be yourself. Which at the end of the day, makes it easier to get what you want. "
~ Carly